An Analysis Of The Use of Cloud Computing Technology In New Media Broadcasting

This study aims to evaluate how the cloud communication technology, which we can be defined as virtual archiving that has entered our lives with the new media, is used and whether its users trust this technology or not.

While the new expression of the new media concept in its name describes the digitization of the media, the technology it brings has very strong effects in terms of social change. It is observed that with the new media, communication is more interactive and makes the user more active, the spread is accelerated, the concept of time has changed, and it can be stored more easily due to the simplification of the archiving feature. In addition to individual use, many different platforms such as newspapers, TV channels or channels serving on different platforms over the internet, and many institutions of the private and public sector have started to actively use cloud technology. This technology, which we describe as big data, is described as the new dimension of archiving and is expected to continue its existence in the future. In this respect, it is very valuable to understand what cloud computing technology is, its reliability and function.

In line with the results of our study, it is seen that there is a rapidly advancing trend towards cloud technologies. However, this technology still has vulnerabilities and legal regulations need to be made for the future.



Cloud Computing, New Media, Use of Cloud Computing