Indian Ocean Struggles in Ottoman-Portuguese Relations in the Age of Geographical Discovery

The 15th century is known as the beginning of the colonial era. Colonialism has been an economic activity to strengthen the dominance of European kingdoms. The Portuguese started colonialism in the world as a result of geographical discoveries. The discovery of new places suddenly brought the Portuguese kingdoms to the top of the European balance of power. The importance given to geographical discoveries by the Kingdom of Portugal is the main reason behind this success. The support of the explorers and the construction of ships that could cross the ocean in achieving success was a policy initiated by the Kingdom of Portugal. The policy of transferring the resources and manpower of the exploited regions to the exploiting countries was not sufficient for the Portuguese. The kingdom also wants to dominate the classical eastern trade. Thus began the Portuguese-Ottoman political relations. The aim of the Portuguese kingdom is to dominate all the trade routes in the world with its strong navy, and the aim of the Ottoman Empire is to prevent the eastern trade from losing its importance. In this study, Portugueses’ colonialism actions which are leading explorations age in 15th and 16 th centuries, these actions to Ottoman Empire and the struggles of these two countries in Indian Ocean to dominate Spice Trade are handled.


Explorations Age, Portugal, Ottoman Empire, Colonialism, Indian Ocean, Açe