Usage Patterns of Municipalities on Social Media Platforms: A Research on Uşak Municipality and District Municipalities

Today, social media channels play an important role for both interpersonal communication and mass communication. Social media channels, which are actively used for both the private sector and public institutions and organizations, are of great importance for municipalities, especially in mass communication. Municipalities that use social media channels to share their services and interact with the public prefer these channels more than traditional mass media. Based on this, the social media channels of Uşak Municipality and district municipalities were examined by content analysis method within the scope of the research. In this direction, the aim of the research is to reveal in which channels the municipalities have accounts, whether the information available in the accounts is sufficient, how actively the channels are used and in what direction the shares are made. In the research, the shares of the municipalities within the six-month period were separated according to certain categories and it was tried to determine in which area they used the social media platforms the most. Within the scope of the research, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of Uşak Municipality, Banaz Municipality, Eşme Municipality, Sivaslı Municipality, Ulubey Municipality and Karahallı Municipality were examined. As a result of the research, it has been seen that the municipality that uses social media most actively among the municipalities that are the subject of the research is Uşak Municipality. Within the scope of the analysis, it was revealed that the Uşak Municipality shared the most in the categories of events, news / announcements / invitations and services.


Social Media, Municipality 2.0, Use of Social Media, Uşak Municipality