The Impact of Digitalization on the Journalism Profession and News Production Practices: The Case of Uşak

In today's world, technology takes center stage in human life. Artificial intelligence, which continues to develop exponentially day by day, makes its presence known in almost every field. Journalists now need to closely follow this world where codes and algorithms have a say. The importance of local press is well known to everyone. The majority of news is produced by local reporters who work at the grassroots level. In this study, the use of evolving technology by local press members in Uşak is examined, including whether they utilize it and how they do so. In-depth interviews were conducted with journalists who have at least 15 years of professional experience. During the interviews with journalists, it was observed that reporters producing news for national newspapers and television channels in Uşak adapt to technology more quickly. Those who publish daily and weekly newspapers continue to share news through their own news websites and social media accounts as the process evolves. The wide reach of social media networks, in particular, has led to changes in the news production practices of journalists in Uşak. Journalists who can access news information and photographs more quickly have started to produce their news mostly at their desks. The press units of organizations and the citizens themselves have become sources of news. It has been observed that journalists in Uşak are open to technological developments. However, journalists mention several side effects of the convenience brought by technology. It is stated that journalists unaware of professional ethics get lost in this heap of information. It is also noted that local newspapers and internet news sites face difficulties in finding qualified journalists.


Uşak Press, Local Press, Online Journalism, Social Media Usage in The Media.