Hate Speech Against Women In Magazine News

Magazine journalism gives information about the lifestyles, ways of thinking and fashions of famous people. This transfer of information can be positive or negative when there is a woman related situation. When we look at the studies conducted in magazine journalism and other news categories, it has been observed that negative content and meanings such as sexist, marginalization, discrimination and hatred are produced in the news about women. In this sense, it has become important to examine the news about women more frequently and to show on which elements the inequality and negative discourses directed towards them are realized. The main goal of this study is to seek an answer to the question of how hate speech against women is constructed in magazine journalism. For this purpose, news about Meryem Uzerli's pregnancy statement on the official websites of Yeni Akit and Sözcü newspapers were chosen as a sample study and analyzed mutually. The analyzed news texts were analyzed by Teun Van Dijk's critical discourse analysis method. As a result of the study, it was determined that both newspapers made accusations and qualifications containing hate speech against women in the news. While Yeni Akit newspaper approached the event from its own ideological perspective and clearly conveyed the hate speech against women, Sözcü newspaper approached the event with a more magazine approach and indirectly made statements that made women negative.


Magazine Journalism, Hate Speech Against Women, Yeni Akit and Sözcü