The Relationship Between Gender Roles and Conspicuous Consumption in Generation Z

Today, wants and needs are in a mixed state. Do we consume our preferred places, products or services because we really need them or because we want them? With the changing global system, some of our requests have started to be shown and consumed in case of need. While consuming and choosing a product, we make choices not only in line with the needs but also in line with the stimuli coming from the external environment. As it can be understood from here, there are factors that come from the external environment and guide our preferences. Our status can be affected by these factors. It is possible to talk about the effect of status from the place w ego to the product we consume and the service we receive. While determining our own status, the role of brands is more. The fact that the brand is well known and preferred by many people can affect the Status. Since brands are influential in determining Status, we tend to prefer places with high prestige in the society while meeting our needs or wishes. In our study, it will be examined whether there is an effect of conspicuous consumption due to going to Starbucks.


Generation Z, Conspicuous Consumption, Gender and Starbucks