Russia - Ukraine Geopolitical Crisis and Its Reflections on Turkey-Based Commercial Maritime Activities in the Black Sea Region

Turkey is in a very important strategic position. It has a strong commercial network between the coasts it owns and the countries neighboring these coasts. The globalizing economy has brought along geopolitical risks. Turkey has a long coast in the Black Sea and the level of geopolitical risk in the Black Sea is very high. This crisis is also experienced in Russia and Ukraine, two countries that have a coast to the Black Sea. Behind the crisis are the imperial states' efforts to expand and dominate the region in line with political and political purposes, and their economic interests. On the other hand, Russia pursues different policies with both commercial partnerships and military-strategic partnerships. The geopolitical crisis of Russia and Ukraine, which is based on such dynamics, is also closely related to Turkey. Because these two countries are important trade partners of our country. This situation compelled Turkey to implement a policy of balances, but it still suffered great economic losses from the war between the two countries. In the study, the problems that the aforementioned geopolitical crisis caused in trade with Turkey, especially in commercial maritime activities, were tried to be analyzed.


Geopolitical Risk in Black Sea, Commercial Maritime Shipping