Artificial Intelligence and Youth's Digital Transformation Process

The main purpose of artificial intelligence, which is described as a machine, software or program that thinks and decides like a human, is to develop and grow human talents significantly. In order not to lag behind the era with the developing technology, especially young people should be in close contact with artificial intelligence. However, with artificial intelligence, it has become easier on the one hand and difficult on the other, because it has become a necessity for each individual to keep himself updated and follow the technological changes. In this context, young people need to be trained, raised awareness and encouraged about artificial intelligence. In particular, the participation of university students to the student communities related to artificial intelligence will contribute not only to their own development but also to the institution and country. On the other hand, new professions come into our lives with the rapid change of the digital world. It is essential for young people to keep themselves up-to-date about new professions and areas regardless of their education In order not to lag behind artificial intelligence, which is a new way of international competition, they should follow the advantages provided in our country and attempt to benefit from the offered supports.


Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Transformation Process