In The Light Of Comparative Literature The Figure Of A Male In Between Two Women In Theodor Storm’s Viola Tricolor And Gerhard Hauptmann’s Linesman Thiel

Studies on literature are very old, but the history of Comparative Literature studies does not go back to very old. Although at first it comes to mind that comparison is limited only with the works of two different languages and cultures, there is no limit in fact; even the works of the same author can be compared. Comparison is not made randomly on two works. It is required that the works should have "Comparable" features. These features can be the similarities in subject matter, motif, expression technique; the influence of works each other; language features and etc. The method used in the study is the comparison method. Here, we tried to investigate the motif of a male in between two women in realist and naturalist works of Thodor Storm’s Viola Tricolor and Gerhard Hauptmann’s Linesman Thiel.


Comparative Literature, G. Hauptmann, Th. Storm, German Literature, Male Figure, In between Two Women