The effects of Social Awareness Level in The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity, which is one of the most important health problems of modern times, is showing a rapidly increasing trend in Turkey as well as throughout the world. Studies conducted on obesity have shown that there are many other diseases caused by obesity. For this reason, especially World Health Organization, doctors and researchers have warned about personal and social problems caused by obesity and have begun to conduct various researches and projects. However, the desired level has not been reached yet. Although there are many reasons of this situation, it can be said that the level of social awareness is insufficient, starting from childhood. Therefore, although the problems caused by obesity are accepted by the society and individuals in particular, the issue of what kind of a strategy should be followed to eliminate them has not been resolved. It is necessary to start the fight against obesity from childhood and to create a social awareness that covers the early period. This research is a study that points out the importance of social awareness in the fight against obesity and offers suggestions in this context. As a result of the research, it has been shown that obesity is a common social problem and a disease that can be prevented especially by creating an awareness level aiming for proper nutrition and active life style.


Childhood Obesity, Fighting Obesity, Child Health